Kukri's Team Shop Builder - Custom kit for clubs and teams of all sizes

Whilst at University, I was lucky enough to be a part of setting up four sports teams for my Hall's of residence. We opted for Kukri as our supplier because Amy, the Hall's Sports Officer, had worked with them before and praised them for the quality of their kit and support during the ordering process. The whole process was easy and Kukri were even attentive enough to notice that on our rugby shirts we had mistakenly used two different shades of red - they queried this before the order was produced and had it resolved immediately.

The Designs for our original Kukri kit

After a sucessful first year we wanted the team members to have their own training and leisureware. Anyone who has ordered custom kit will tell you it can be a long process. The kit is usually manufactured in China and shipped back to the UK. Our original playing kit order was before summer so didn't have much to worry about. However, with trainingwear we wanted team members to have it quickly and ideally for the start of the season. Traditionally any kit, playingwear or trainingwear, had to be ordered at once with a mininimum quantity. The stopping force for smaller or less well funded teams is obvious. Many teams cannot afford to hold a substanial inventory and there is always the potential to order the wrong ammount of each size resulting in a sell out of Mediums while having a large pile of XXL tops left over. One potential solution to this is to take preorders from members of the club or team, but this simply adds to the time taken to receive kit and you still have to ensure each line of clothing reaching the minimum order volume. The missed sales potential for both Clubs and Kukri are obvious if clubs decided it is simply not feasible to make a purchase or perhaps wait longer periods between orders to ensure they use up all remaining stock (XXS anyone?). Team Kit Builder changed all that.

The concept is delightlfully simple. Kukri hold a wide range of clothing lines in a more limited choice of colours. I believe the avaliable items are the same generic ones found in their normal store. A club or society setup thier online store with Kukri and decide the colours and items they want to sell with any personilisations their members can make. Crest embroidomg or printing is inclusive in Kukri's price. Additional personilisations, such as names or initials in various places usually cost around £3 extra each. Perhaps one of my favourite features of the system was the ability for a club to add their own markup to the price of the item to add to their own treasury. A win for all involved.

We setup our first Team Shop in 2011 after meeting with Kukri. The process was painless. Register your shop, setup the kit and share the link with your teammates. The kit is great quality but we did initially have some trouble with embroidment. I received a couple of items that were missing personilisation but one email to Kurki and they got the issue sorted for me. A fellow teammate experienced a fair delay when he purchased something that was out of stock. He had to wait for the kit to come back into stock before he received his shorts. These were all problems experienced early on and I've personally attributed them to early teething problems. Kukri were great at resolving the issues when they arose and things were pretty smooth from then on. For clubs or societies that have changing committees (especially student ones) the shop is easy to administrate and takes all the hassle out of handling payments or placing orders. The Committeee periodically updates the store and gets a well kitted out team.

Kukri Logo

Kukri's Team Shop Builder appears to have grown rapidly since its inception. The store was a fantastic opportunity that took advantage of demand using many of Kukri's existing facilities. Generally the Team Stores don't require a representative after their inception and allows a constant flow of income in comparison to the major custom orders that occur perhaps once a year or even less often

I will post some pictures of kit that I have ordered soon. If you're interested in Kukri's Team Shop Builder I advise you to check out their website. Kukri's contact details are on there too if you want to talk it through a little more. If you've got any questions for me about my experience with the TSB or Kurki, feel free to send me an email to hello -at- crstanier.co.uk.

Anyone that has played a part in running or organising sports teams will know the problems of kit. Custom kit is expensive with large minimum order quanities which is often an obstacle for smaller clubs. Enter Kukri's Team Shop Builder, a made-to-order system to alleviate these troubles.


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